News from the hood

Two pieces of news from the Muslim Brotherhood – firstly, Hamdi Hassan, a MB MP in the Egyptian parliament, has called for a large scale ‘people’s march’ against the government from Midan Omar Makram to the parliament. The message was inclusive, calling upon all activists as well as politicians and lawyers to join in protest against detention by state security and the recent shooting threats issuing from NDP MPs in the Egyptian parliament. The Brotherhood has been overtaken in the news cycles recently by the return of El-Baradei and the 6th April/Kifayah movements, despite remaining very popular in Egypt, so it will be interesting to see what impact this has – and if there will be any signs of cooperation from the other side of the activist community.

Mubarak’s grip on the Brotherhood has further tightened as five members have been charged with money laundering and raising money for banned organisations. Bikya Masr quotes a figure of 345 MB members currently in prison and there are widespread reports of intimidation and harassment of the group by state security. It’s a reminder that it’s not only the secular opposition movement that faces government violence and persecution in pluralistic, democratic Egypt.

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