3amiyah, G-Mubz, and strong horses

Limited time today as work has piled on top of me but here are some good links from the last 48 hours or so:

The place of colloquial Arabic in literature

Press freedom in Egypt – business as usual

Abu Mubarak?

An amusingly breathless article on Iraqi Airways’ new Baghdad-London link

The new, moderate Hamas?

US companies cutting ties with Iran

Syria playing the field again

Gamal Mubarak’s big day out

Secularism in Lebanon

Gamila Ismail takes on El-Qasas (Egyptian MP who called for shooting of protesters), wins

Israel-Iran alliance? (probably not…)

Strong horse diplomacy

Part of a series of videos expressing support for the upcoming 2 May demo in Egypt. (I think I met this guy in Cairo?) (In Arabic)

And just because it’s the best thing I’ve seen on Youtube in a long while…

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