Hizbollah, super-cool teenage Palestinian inventors, and bad journalism

Another bag o’ links as I’m up to my ears in al-mudhaakirah:

Hizbollah convictions in Egypt, Nasrallah’s reaction

The consequences of proportional representation in Israel

Tunisia is not ‘moderate’

Mr. ElBaradei goes to Harvard

Sudan’s opposition don’t want to win elections…

15,000 protest in Egyptian city of Akhmim

Mashaakil fi Dimashq

Bafflingly, US engagement with Syria is somehow inadequate. Wonder why…

Banning 1001 nights and the abuse of the hisbah principle

Tunnel deaths in Egypt lead to accusations from Hamas

Go go gadget girls

Testimony from Iraq’s secret torture prison

‘No-one in this department, in or out of uniform, believes…that the lack of progress in the peace process is costing American lives’

Critique of Aaron Miller’s ‘end of the peace process’ article

Cairo city pavements and the labour movement

Problems with Arabic-English translation

CUSU’s Israel-Palestine week cancelled

HuffPo tackles Egypt again, with mixed results

Video bonus for that Tala’at Harb feeling from the guy who sings possibly my favourite ever Arabic lyrics (’tilbis sporting laazim y’uul good morning!’):


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