News from the hood, Vol.2

The march that members of the Muslim Brotherhood were calling for a few days ago has had permission denied by the Egyptian government. The interior minister rejected the petition for a demonstration on May 3rd without giving a reason other than that the ‘negotiation protocol’ had been violated. 6 MPS put the petition forward, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc and some independents; following the decision one said that the march would still go ahead, with its demands including constitutional reform and annulment of the emergency law in place since Sadat’s assassination in 1981.

Meanwhile the five MB members on trial for corruption and money laundering have been referred to Egypt’s Supreme State Emergency Court. The emergency courts, set up under the aforementioned emergency laws, do not conduct transparent trial processes; their decisions cannot be appealed. Though they are military courts, civilians are regularly tried there, and they are widely used against opposition figures and activists. The five have been sent there for trial despite the Ministry of Justice finding insufficient evidence against them, according to their lawyer, Abdel Maqsoud. The Muslim Brotherhood says that 345 of its members are currently being detained.

And finally: an op-ed (via Bikya Masr) from the Brotherhood themselves. ‘The country boasts of a constitution, a head of state, a prime minister, a parliament, judicial institutions, political parties, and civil society organizations; however in all reality it can not be considered part of an overall system.’

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