Minimum wage protest, Cairo

So here is what happened in Cairo today: a few hundred demonstrators, estimates varying from 500 to 800, gathered in Hussein Hegazy street in Downtown. They were surrounded by a police cordon who prevented people from getting in or out, but the protest was largely peaceful, except for a few scuffles when protesters tried to break through the cordon. It lasted about two hours which was apparently according to plan, then the police let people disperse in small groups. Although the protest was for raising the minimum wage, there was a lot of anti-Mubarak stuff and some chanting against the emergency laws. There were fewer people than hoped for, and some expected it to last a lot longer, but still a success and alhamdu lillah no-one dragged off and beaten like last month.

Here are a few photos, videos and links (the protest was heavily covered on the internet, with some protesters broadcasting live video feeds):

both from 3arabawy

police and protesters clash from daily news egypt

from this flickr set

from egyworkers’ youtube channel

from this flickr set

al-jazeera’s coverage

from this dude’s facebook

AlMasry AlYoum

Egyptian Chronicles

A more pessimistic take by Nadia El-Awady

from another Facebook album

My favorite tweets of the day (for wildly differing reasons):

‘No joke: a plainclothes police officer here has a tee-shirt on that says “Goin’ Clubbin'” with a caveman holding a large club.’

‘protesters should link arms and walk directly into the face of the police and soldiers – show them there is no backing down’

from this flickr set

Alright. Over and out.


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