Misr dot com, Elton John, and the death of liberal England

I had a French exam this afternoon – so naturally I spent the entire day eating dried fruit and reading Max Rodenbeck’s Cairo: The City Victorious in order to calm myself down. But, of course, Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat (as in the region, not the fawning Saudi rag) never goes neglected, so here are some links in lieu of actual thought:

The first Arabic URLs are launched

More suspects identified in Dubai assassination case

Pakistan the biggest threat to the US?

IDF is the only foreign army Americans are allowed to serve in. Of course…

Iran turns on the charm

Artificial limbs in Gaza

Hosni’s big speech

The rise of Saudi Arabia’s ‘neocons’

Egypt’s culture wars

‘Visual noise’ in Damascus, which apparently includes crowds of Syrians inconveniently going about their business

There must be conditions for Israel to enter the OECD

Iran and Syria conspiring to take over the world, again

A really irritating article on the AUC

Extremists are not always poor, badly educated

Ahmadinejad’s travelling media circus

Gazans 1, Egyptian government 0

Drones and arrests from the AfPak channel

Egyptian workers rock hard

Iran and the Iraqi elections

Egypt can’t afford Elton (and doesn’t even want him, anyway…)

Time to leave the country, Part 1

Time to leave the country, Part 2

Video bonus – some Ivory Coast loveliness to cheer us all up on this dark day for Britain:

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