Missed opportunities, sectarian strife, and downtown ahwas

Links links linksss…

The West is failing Afghan women

Settlement in Jerusalem will continue, says mayor

Iran’s struggle for influence in Iraq

Amonsito workers continue their protest in Cair0 (in Arabic)

OECD votes unanimously to admit Israel

Allawi warns of sectarian war

Beginning of Israel-Palestine indirect talks

Syrians, Lebanese, and Gazans should be ‘waking up in a cold sweat’

Netanyahu ‘reaches out’ with Arabic-language spokesman (they didn’t have one before now?)

Gary Ackerman warns of ‘missed opportunities’ with Syria

Bloodshed in Iraq

Karzai and Obama kiss and make up

Dope drought in Israel

Cairo’s coffeehouses (ah, nostalgia…)

Israel, Goldstone, and the word ‘apartheid’

It’s actually pretty hard to join the Taliban…

Crackdown on Sufis in Egypt evidence of Salafi intolerance

Press gagging in Kurdistan

And finally…check 1:08 for a moment of pure joy. Alhamdu lillah!

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