Kandahar, Clotilde Reiss, and David Cameron

With less than a week until the beginning of exams, Champollion St. will be taking a brief yet necessary hiatus in order to learn some Arabic and whatnot. I’ll still be posting links every day and normal service will resume in a few weeks’ time.

Clotilde Reiss to be freed in Iran

Nakhba anniversary demonstration in Cairo

Melodically challenged Turkish muezzins get singing lessons

Cameron and Karzai. Good god, this man is actually running the country.

Further clampdown on religion in Egypt

Kandahar isn’t looking good

The wonderful world of lingerie in Wast al-balad

Protests over Mohamed Island, tear gas used

Checkpoint trauma in Iraq

The ongoing saga of the Nile basin agreement

Turkey builds anti-aircraft batteries on Syrian border

Downtown Cairo rules OK

Video bonus from Mos Def:

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One response to “Kandahar, Clotilde Reiss, and David Cameron

  1. Sean

    There’s an entire transfer market for the old muezzins – the Syrians are famed for having the most beautifully voiced muezzins and so, inevitably, the Saudis come and offer them more money. There’s a genuine problem with Syrian muezzins being poached!

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