Nasr Company on strike, Iranians on the lash, and Saudi women on the road?

Arabic, I love you, but you’re bringing me down.

Erdogan to Iran for nuclear talks

It’s going to take a lot to get America talking about Israel

Iraqi election recount offers no new result

Arabic children’s literature adds a new dimension to the fusHa/3amiyah conundrum

Chomsky denied entry to Israel

The NPT conference trundles on

David Schenker tackles the SCUD issue; hilarity ensues

A new vision for Cairo

Iranians party in Armenia

Mariah Carey to perform at the Pyramids. Apparently has a big Egyptian fanbase

The Maghreb’s lack of ‘asabiyya

Gazan farmers need protection to bring in their harvest

Nasr Company chemical workers announce strike, win concessions (in Arabic)

Muslim Brotherhood members to be tried in absentia

Saudis may capriciously let women loose in cars. Madness

Translators as movie stars?

Video bonus: iiiiiiiiii would step out of the rush for you…


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