Sanctions, strikes, and Broken Social Scene

Russia and China board the sanctions train

Hamas destroy ‘illegal’ Palestinian homes near Rafah

Israel’s neighbours should not take it too seriously

‘Ardour fades’ for ElBaradei

‘Miss Hizbollah’… for God’s sake…

The US should welcome the Iran deal, according to Stephen Walt

The Muslim Brotherhood’s identity crisis

WSJ urges Israel to war, again

Strikes in Algeria

Interview with Assad in As-Safir

Wow, this says you can ask ElBaradei ANYTHING. I’m kind of seeing him like a Magic 8 ball now (in Arabic)

Activists determined to break Gaza siege by sea receive warning from Israel

Egyptian hunger strikers taken to hospital as protests increase (in Arabic)

Hamas and Hizbollah are ‘perversions of Islam’, apparently. Huh.

The decline of the American Jewish establishment

More suicide attacks in Afghanistan

German hostages freed in Yemen

The world reacts to the Iran deal…

…and has Tehran overplayed its hand?

Iraqi court reinstates candidates banned for being Ba’athists

Anti-homophobia protests in Beirut

Iran’s Kurds face grim choices

Damn, this guy spoke in Cambridge today and I missed it…

Broken Social Scene were incredible. Oh man, what a night. To quote the friend I went with: ‘All other bands just better stop playing, really’.



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2 responses to “Sanctions, strikes, and Broken Social Scene

  1. Sean

    Dunno if you’ve stumbled across this little fella yet but its pretty interesting

    • ecarruthers

      yeah i was going to link to it today. i need to read more syria blogs. let me know if you come across any other good uns.

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