A lot of Iran, a little Israel, but no Elvis

First Arabic exam tomorrow, ya’anii I’m retiring with some camomile tea to let all that vocabulary percolate a little.

The plight of America’s Iraqi employees as withdrawal approaches

More on Hamas’ demolition of homes in Gaza from the NYT

Divide grows between Nile Basin countries as Ethiopia begins work on dam

The Great Game plays on: India and China increasing presence in Afghanistan

The complicated politics of Downtown Cairo

Syrian and Israeli bloggers team up in new website aiming to ‘improve communication and negotiation’

Medieval Muslim cemetery damaged in building of Israeli ‘Museum of Tolerance’

Sudanese government orders newspapers to print more pages

America’s ‘schizophrenic’ policy on Iran

Bagram airfield attacked by Taliban, US deaths in Afghanistan reach 1000

Today’s translation project…

Elvis Costello cancels Israel concerts

Saudis begin to encroach upon Yemen again

Obama continues outreach to American Jews

‘The announcement on new sanctions came as a big f-you to not only Iran, but also Brazil and Turkey’

Reactions from Iranian conservatives to nuclear deal…

…and from Iranian opposition

Yitzhak Rabin, Jerusalem, and the American Embassy

Hizbollah is a very interesting organisation, says WH official…

Refusing Chomsky entry was a ‘mistake’…

…and his fluctuations on Palestine…

Amazon launches foreign lit in translation imprint

The other night at the Hotel Union (in Arabic)

This sounds like one to see

Video bonus: get your sha’abi on. The worst Amr Diab video ever? Tough call.


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