Cairo, Kurdistan, and Ketermaya

Links, yo:

Iranian hostage mothers visit Iran, urge government to free them

Pictures of bullets and tear gas used against Egyptian protesters

Who will next rule Egypt? ‘God only knows’…

Despite election excitement, Iraqi politics remain basically the same

Agricultural workers protest outside People’s Assembly in Cairo (in Arabic)

Saudi woman shoots religious police officers

Israel to release Hamas leader (in Arabic)

Ethiopian prime minister Zenawi criticises Egyptian government over Nile plans

Protests erupt over Facebook ‘draw Muhammad’ group

Turkey bombs Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq

Twelve charged in Ketermaya lynching case

‘The West cannot afford democracy in the Arab world’…

Reality check from Russia

More on the Tolerance Museum and the uprooted medieval Muslim skeletons…

Amonsito protesters in Cairo strip off and wear sackcloth to make their point clear… (in Arabic)

…some pictures from 3arabawy…

…and even children get involved

The IDF prepares evacuation plans for a Hizbollah strike

The US has ‘unilaterally changed the game’ on Iran

The tricky case of Karzai’s half-brother

Wa akhiiran…Cheb Mami’s dad-dancing is truly something to behold:


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