Mubarak in Greece, Murad in court, and Hizbollah-haters be hatin’

Spurred on by novelty rap songs advertising downtown Cairo fast-food establishments (see below), I continue with my caffeine-fuelled diraasaat. A quick break for some LINKS:

The continuing importance of Israel and Palestine

Erdogan whips Turkey into shape. Wha-tish!

Iranian hardliners getting rowdy

Rima Fakih: no Hizbollah hottie…

…and the Qnion’s take, of special deliciousness for those enjoying (sic) the study of Islamic jurisprudence

More on Mubarak/’Boss Hozz’ and his unwitting (witting?) Beach Boys reference…

…and his inexplicable Grecian jaunt

No more Vodafone in Egypt?

Oh, simmer down, Schenker

Hizbollah mobilise as Israel plans military drills

‘I believed Obama was ready to think anew on Iran. It seems not.’

Brazilian foreign affairs minister speaks out on nuclear deal

‘The United States’ ongoing effort to support the Lebanese government’. Yes, one day, they will have enough Harleys to tip the balance of power by mass alone.

Sham elections in Ethiopia

A very good article on Egypt from the LRB. Recommended reading, guys.

‘Leaders cannot simply call on Palestinians to abandon violence in the face of Israeli occupation and remain silent when the nonviolent activists are politically repressed’

The narrowing of the Israeli intellectual field

21 killed in truck bombing north of Baghdad

Notorious Egyptian judge brings back cases, sparking fears for human rights activists

Indirect talks show lack of movement

Amonsito workers sleeping outside parliament

11 National Front for Change activists arrested in Egypt, presumably for drug or terrorism related offences

Davutoglu on his ‘zero problem’ foreign policy for FP

And finally…champollion st returns to its roots…inshallah one day my Egyptian colluquial will be at this level of discourse.


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