Speeches, threats, arrests, and takedowns

Every day I’m hustlin’ links:

Gaza aid convoy sets off from Turkey despite Israeli threats

Obama gives graduation speech at West Point, sets out foreign policy, speaks lots of words

We have to prepare ourselves for a battle not less important than armed struggle: the battle for normalisation. How to confront normalisation with our Israeli enemies.’

George Ishaq (Kifayah coordinator) speaking in the US…

…and more on the Egyptian democracy conference in Washington

Hariri apparently asked P5 not to vote on Iran…hmm…

Egyptian protesters threaten Presidential Palace march as Amonsito sit-in continues

New book on Egyptian working class – 126,000 lost their jobs last year (in Arabic)

Satisfying Fisk slapdown

‘Mutual deterrence’ over Southern Lebanon border means war is unlikely

More on the Beheira activist arrests in Egypt (in Arabic)

Difficulties faced by gay asylum seekers in the UK

Iranian preacher rails against women’s dress

Obama should take his time over Iran

Reflections on the relationship between American Jews and Israel from FP

ElBaradei interview on France24

Video bonus: virile Arabs and a digitally enhanced Najwa Karam converge in a Rabelaisian finale. What more could you want?

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