Netanyahu, Nubariya, and the murky waters of the Nile

Anyone know anyone who could get me a Turkmenistan visa? It’s proving somewhat difficult. Here are your regularly scheduled links:

What the Gulf’s fear of Iran tells us about the Gulf

Shimon Peres denies South Africa nuclear claims…

…and their effect at the UN non-proliferation conference

Iraqiya Party MP shot and killed in Mosul

The Nile plot thickens: Egypt hands over the issue to intelligence services (i.e. away from foreign affairs)

Jordan’s new electoral reforms are ‘disappointing…a disaster’

A letter to the West from inside Iran

ElBaradei’s prolonged absences from Egypt are making people jumpy

The dilemma of Salam Fayyad

Human Rights Watch condemns activist and blogger trials in Egypt

Netanyahu’s damage to the Jewish diaspora is ‘worse than the threat of a nuclear Iran’

Nubariya workers in Egypt threaten to cut off the Alex desert road (in Arabic)

Amonsito workers arrested yesterday released from prison (in Arabic)

Video of the Amonsito protest in Cairo

Ahmadinejad heckled in south-west Iran

Interview with Jalal Talibani in al-Hayat on Iranian and other interference in Iraq

Hamas to boycott West Bank local elections in July

Egyptian official arrested in Gaza for gathering intelligence

Video bonus from De La Soul:

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