Crackdowns, corruption, and clandestine activity

Yemeni tribesmen blow up pipeline in retaliation for air raid

Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi released on bail

Obama has failed in peace efforts, says Assad

14 people killed in gold robbery in Baghdad

Hizbollah are ‘entrenched’ in Lebanon

Corruption charges against Ehud Olmert

Hamas and Hizbollah – time to engage?

More photos and videos of the Amonsito protests and police reaction

Mitchell plans to set peace deadline, Good Friday Agreement-style

Translation of Assad interview with La Repubblica

Australia expels Mossad chief over forged passports used in Dubai assassination

Baghdad mosque introduces religious paintings in break with tradition

Jean Genet’s experience of Shatila

How the endgame in Afghanistan might play

US to expand clandestine activity in the Middle East

Palestinians at work in Jewish settlements despite PA government ban

5 Egyptian activists arrested in Alex (in Arabic)

This made me chuckle

And finally…



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3 responses to “Crackdowns, corruption, and clandestine activity

  1. Sean

    Can’t access a lot of the blogs cos they’re blocked – when you get time you should set up a site where you can repost articles from sites which certain governments won’t like.

    • ecarruthers

      i’ve got something ready to go, can you email me a list of the blocked ones just so i don’t go mental reposting everything?

  2. ecarruthers

    thanks, i’ll get on that.

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