Two days’ worth of links

I’m going to London tomorrow to do battle with the Iranian embassy, so here are links ktiiiir until I get back:

Clinton gives Iran cold shoulder over fuel deal, Iran is all ‘whatever’

Brazil and Turkey’s foreign ministers defend the deal in the NYT

Israelis pray for the health of the rayyis masrii (egychronicles points out: no-one lives forever!)

Lessons from South Africa for Israel and Palestine

Archaeology threatens Palestinian homes

Conversions to Islam increase in Dubai

The intersection of Zionism, liberalism, and nationalism

Oh, Thomas Friedman. Wherefore art thou syndicated?

Hizbollah threatens Israeli ships, apparently now have a navy?

Brazil and Turkey: emerging powers

Obama’s Iran policy is ‘sleepwalking’

‘Radio divorce’ in Egypt offers support and advice

Musicians’ boycott of Israel is a blunt weapon

Robert Fisk gets on his high horse, actually makes interesting points

Maliki on Iraqi-Syrian relations: ‘things have improved’

Muslim Brotherhood member says G-Mubz’ succession is impossible

Government officials jailed over Cairo rockslide

The US tries to reach out to European Muslims, with predictable results

Changing attitudes in Saudi Arabia shown by recent attacks on religious police

Bibi invited over to the White House for tea, possible diplomatic smackdown

Hizbollah disarmament – the answer is in political discourse

Islam and images of the Prophet – how forbidden is forbidden?

Controversial ya3nii criminal and corrupt

Obama will only sporadically focus on foreign policy in runup to elections

In defence of Scherezade – Egyptian Chronicles on why 1001 nights should not be banned

US should accept final offer, warns Iran

A new low for CNN

Hizbollah’s new museum in South Lebanon

Iraqi airways declared bankrupt

West Bank rabbi bars women from standing in elections

Egypt uses defamation laws to prosecute activists

Israeli outrage over Palestinian boycott of settlement goods

Who in the world will be the next rayyis masri, asks NDP

Israeli jets bomb Gaza in night raid

The Arabic reading summer challenge. It’s on!

Hariri asked (politely) why he doesn’t disarm Hizbollah

Iranian morality crackdown continues

Egyptian foreign minister sues journalist over op-ed

And…Kanye and Cam’ron are a good combo:

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