Assad, Al-Aswany, and Aichaaa…

No luck yet with the Iranians, but the Syrians came through for me. Trusty Syrians.

NPT agreement includes 2012 conference on nuclear-free Middle East

Assad’s interview with Charlie Rose – read read read it’s really interesting

Explosion in smuggling tunnel in Gaza kills six

New chairman of the Wafd party in Egypt

Family of murdered singer drops lawsuit

A tougher America won’t necessarily get results

Unsurprisingly, divisions persist within the American Jewish political community

Israel refuses to take part in nuclear proliferation conference

UAE considers tighter anti-smoking legislation

Gaza gets ready to welcome freedom fleet

Britain’s new, frightening far right

War ‘would grow US economy’, according to one GWB

Pakistan’s culture of conspiracy

Afghanistan’s grassroots movement isn’t so grassroots

Hillary Clinton and Nasrallah in shocking mind meld

Israel: two wins make a loss as Mesha’al concedes, Netanyahu ignores it

Interview with a Palestinian collaborator

Al-Aswany and Asfour in rather polite feud over Yacoubian Building etc.

Iranian opposition and police ready themselves for election anniversary protests

Charges dropped in horrific rape case in UAE

The shadowy world of drone attacks

Turkey is acting in a Middle Eastern ‘leadership vacuum’

Obama’s National Security Strategy a total snoozefest

Iraq is in the middle of a delicate transition

The Grand Mufti, the Holocaust, and Palestine today

Very funny and very cutting review of the racist/sexist/orientalist/anti-feminist turd that is SATC 2. (Just because I can’t possibly see how I will ever be able to link to this again in relation to Middle Eastern news, while you’re on the Stranger you should absolutely check out Dan Savage’s sex blog, I cannot recommend this highly enough.)

HA! ‘Ibn Battuta’ visits his eponymous mall, with amusing results

Aaaaand…the language of the power ballad truly is universal…

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