Attack on the Gaza flotilla

A collection of reports and reactions to Israel’s attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla this morning:

Report from the Guardian

Initial report from Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem/Ashdod

Guardian live blog of reactions

Report from Al-Jazeera

Al-Jazeera footage of IDF attack

Report from NYT

Report from AlMasry AlYoum

Summary from Egyptian Chronicles

Video of world reaction from Al-Jazeera

A Q&A from the Guardian

Video from Haaretz of Israeli navy storming the ships

A ‘disastrous own goal’ for Israel

Turkish protesters storm Israeli embassy

Turkey recalls its envoy to Israel

Israel’s PR offensive

The furious reaction from Syria

Israel blames activists for violence

The reasons behind the attacks

Nasrallah’s reaction

Haaretz column calling for national enquiry

Is this a huge blunder for the Israelis?

CNN acting as apologist for Israel

A short history of Israel’s errors of judgement

Sanctions must be the price for such brutality

The Free Gaza Movement’s ongoing campaign

Israel must be wary of third intifada

Haaretz bullshit alert

Ayalon: activists had ‘al-Qaeda links’

World unites to condemn the attack

Effect on Israeli-Turkish relations

Former US paratrooper and diplomat was on board

How Israel controlled the media cycle

Netanyahu ‘regrets’ deaths

US also ‘regrets’ deaths

Article on some of the big names aboard the flotilla

The reaction in Turkey; several of those killed are believed to be Turkish nationals

Historical precedent to today’s raid

The (il)legality of the attack

The ‘weapons’ found aboard the flotilla

Netanyahu cancels Washington trip, due to return to Israel

Protests in Cairo over Israel’s actions

More pictures from Cairo protest

The view from Cairo by the Arabist

Protests in Tanta (Egypt)

Egypt’s role in the Gaza siege

Protest in Central London today

Pictures of London protest today

Video from London

Summary of reactions from around the world

Israel accused of state terrorism

UN demands explanation from Israel

The real cost of the Gaza blockade

Twitter accused of censorship over #flotilla hashtag


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