Gaza flotilla attacks, Shoura Council elections, wa kul shii akhr

(from 3arabawy)

Most links are on the flotilla killings and their aftermath and the Egyptian Shoura council elections held today.

Gaza flotilla

I won’t link to all of them, but 3arabawy has been posting excellent photos and videos throughout the day

Irish aid boat keeps course for Gaza despite attack

Taoiseach warns of consequences if Irish citizens meet with harm

Egypt opens the Rafah crossing

IDF soldiers describe ‘lynching’ on the Mavi Marmara

It’s the blockade, stupid

Anti-Israel protests intensify worldwide

Activists say IDF opened fire before boarding ship

Journalists caught up in flotilla attack

Israeli media generally critical of attack and aftermath

The view from America by Michael Tomasky

Roundup of Arab media responses to the attack

Israelis protest in Turkey

Erdogan’s furious response; Israeli-Turkish relations in tatters

US waters down UN statement, says Israel should lead enquiry


The Guardian explores the legality of the flotilla and raid

‘We fired because we were attacked’, says Israeli captain

Military ops cannot be a substitute for comprehensive strategy

It’s time to shift the American debate over Israel

Detailed analysis of what this means for Turkey

The true cost for Israel

The IDF’s presentation of the attack

What went wrong for the Israelis

The attack was not piracy, but war

40 British citizens in Israeli desert prison following flotilla raid

What does this mean for the Palestinians?

Criticism won’t stop blockade, says Netanyahu

Activists cast doubt on Israel’s presentation of events

The importance of non-violent resistance

Flotilla attack shows Israel’s decline into clumsy, confused policy

‘We’re the only ones who believe [Israel]’, says US official

Iran reaps benefits of flotilla killings

Suspicions surround possible Israeli sabotage of flotilla

Weak US response includes no condemnation of Israel

Calls grow for full enquiry

Gingrich can eff right off

Protests in Egypt call for cutting of ties to Israel

Was any of this worth it for Israel?

Shoura Council elections

Egyptian Shoura Council elections: four shot in polling station disputes

The Egyptian state is a ‘psychotic librarian’: Sarah Carr on the Shoura elections

The inimitable Egyptian Chronicles on her day of voting

Video from Helwan (the main centre of election disputes) as voters accuse govt of fraud


Coptic Church upholds ban on second marriages despite court ruling

US kills al-Qaeda’s no.3, again

…and what it means for the organisation

Iraqi poll results approved

Syrians reckon new British govt more sympathetic to Arab causes

Afghanistan: the rock and roll years

Five female anchors resign from Al-Jazeera over harassment case

Georgia getting friendly with Iran

OK, khalas. There’s a ton more stuff out, especially on the flotilla, but I have a three hour MSA exam tomorrow so I urgently need some naam. Good night…


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