Bukra il-hureyah

Last exam tomorrow! Links links links:

All eyes are back on Gaza

Roundup of flotilla commentary from the Arabist

Priorities in the wake of flotilla killings: Gaza, then inquiry

Deported flotilla activists tell of Israeli mistreatment

US official: flotilla activists were ‘clearly seeking a confrontation’

The US should step aside for Turkey

Ibn Kafka on the ‘arms’ found aboard the flotilla (in French)

NATO’s growing crisis over flotilla attacks

Video report on (lack of) protest in East Jerusalem

How Israel enables terror

What’s the point of the Gaza blockade?

No-one seems surprised at Obama’s silence

Hamas says the Rafah crossing is open…

…but not much is happening, according to the Guardian

The Egyptian opposition just can’t get along

‘Skirmishes’ did not undermine Shoura elections, says interior ministry

Shoura results to be declared on Thursday

MB to lend support to ElBaradei?

Taliban suicide bombers attack Afghan peace conference

The decline of Israel’s military power

How do you translate insha’allah?

Israel’s war against non-violence

Hamas must take initiative now

ElBaradei speaks on flotilla and Egyptian democracy

New Saudi marriage contracts ask age of bride

Analysis of the recent Algerian cabinet reshuffle

Iranian govt prepares for protests as students demonstrate

How to end the Gaza siege

Coalition negotiation continues in Iraq

Leading AQIM figure surrenders in Algeria

America and Turkey: friends to frenemies

Why the Afghan jirga will fail

Lifting the siege in Gaza and Cairo


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