Flotilla fallout and Shura shenanigans

Flotilla protest in Sweden (from esocialists)

Turkish activists return to hero’s welcome

Dead activists include one US citizen

Palestinians resist Israel’s efforts to deliver flotilla aid

Obama’s ‘thundering silence’

The grey power behind Free Gaza

Swedish dockers block Israeli ships and goods (in French)

Hanin Zo’by, Arab MP, comes under attack in Knesset

Egypt dancing around the issue of women judges

Flotilla attack: echoes from history

British activist’s account of Israeli attack

Great post from the Arabist on Shoura elections and failure of Egyptian opposition

NDP dominate Shoura, MB lose out

Muslim Brotherhood to back ElBaradei

The growth of alliances between Latin America and the Middle East

What’s the right way to board a hostile ship? Well, not that way…

No.1 destination in Turkmenistan. Seriously, this is incredible!

Iran pardons political prisoners ahead of protests

The decline of both Fatah and Hamas

That’s all for today, I’ve finished my exams and it’s time for a drink. Ma’isalaamah…

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