Syria’s vibrant democracy

CS’s Damascus correspondent writes:

I was playing football on campus
> at the university and on the way out we passed a demonstration of
> maybe 1000 with a 1000 more round the edges of the main square on
> campus. I was surprised at the vibrant student activism movement -
> organising flags and banners as well as a tannoy. Not something you'd
> expect in Syria.
> But when we tried to leave campus, a line of plain clothes police were
> stopping everyone, telling them to go back and join the protest. The
> buildings were being emptied and people directed to the square to join
> in. This was no spontaneous expression of rage but a stunt for the
> papers tomorrow morning.
> My British friend Muhammed whipped out the confused foreigner card and
> we managed to get out. But it reminded me of the reality of the
> situation here in Syria.

Contrast this with the Syrian state media report:

‘Students of Damascus University staged on Tuesday a sit-in in Damascus University’s campus to condemn the savage crime committed by Israel against the Freedom Flotilla and to show support for the besieged Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.’

(Thanks SR!)


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