You can call me uncle

Having returned from the land of Oyster cards, solicitous parents and copious cheese, Champollion St. is ripe n’ ready for a return to full service. First project is a ground-breaking survey of Cambridge’s shisha purveyors, all conveniently located next to each other in the town’s ‘ethnic quarter’, which will form your complete guide to getting that authentic Oriental* experience within a CB2 postcode.

Secondly, I am issuing an open call for contributions from those who feel they can enhance the CS brand beyond its already dizzying heights of renown. Anything related to the Middle East, however loosely, is welcome.

And finally, in less than two weeks I will be embarking upon a rihla of my very own, taking in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iran. This will be documented in blog form (whether in the style of Ibn Battuta or not is yet to be confirmed, although as that will require mastery of the hijra calendar it’s looking unlikely) subject to internet and time restrictions. As apparently CS itself is sometimes inaccessible in Syria, these restrictions may prove difficult at times, but not insurmountable.

Here ends this public service announcement.

* that’s irony dripping on you


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