Holiday links

I don’t have much time at the moment whilst bouncing around Iran but here are some interesting things that I have read recently.

The Special Tribunal and Hariri’s dilemma

Live blog of Nasrallah making the case against Israel

The Arabist takes on Jeff Goldberg’s latest mouth-frothings

The hidden cost of oil? In the trillions.

Stephen Walt on ‘mainstreaming’ the case for war (i.e. what happened with Iraq)

Egyptian Chronicles slaps down Gamal M

The ‘yeasty and unpredictable mix’ of internal Iranian politics

Lazy thinking on Islamism and terrorism

Sanctions help Iranian regime rather than hurt it

Interesting summary of ‘restive’ Sinai Bedouin

Israeli high schoolers helped destroy Al-Arakib

Bidi Papa, bidi Papa

The US’s role in the rise of Somalia’s Al-Shabaab

Tala’at Harb shoutout, yo

Rob’s pictures from Bil’in, all published and everything


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