Monday links

The Egyptian military and the succession question

Whoever takes over, it’s unlikely their influence will substantially change.

Israelis comfortable with Saudi arms deals

Of course…

Hariri’s exoneration of Syria and what it means for the Special Tribunal

Qifa Nabki looks at some likely options.

Lights out in Ramadan

Egypt’s energy crisis and its unpalatable solutions

‘In sharp contrast, the state security agent is a caricature of another sort: a sterling-souled hero.’

The Egyptian government’s CSI: Ikhwaan has the mukhabarat taking on those dastardly Islamists. This sounds hilarious, I’m going to try and find it on YouTube.

Inside America’s mosques

I find it distasteful how American Muslims are currently having to ‘prove’ themselves, but this was interesting mainly for its show of diversity.

The great invisible flood in Pakistan

Why no-one cares, and why we should.

Afghanistan Report an ‘exercise in determined ignorance’

A scathing and well-informed contribution to the debate.

AlJazeera’s report on the peace talks

A lot better than most of the stuff in print.

Hamid Karzai


Cairo 2010 vs Cairo 1800

Google Maps trickery, very pleasing.

Lastly…bad news and good dough.


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