Al-Ahram hearts Hosni 4EVA



Yeah. The thing is, this isn’t even embarrassing for the newspaper or the president, because I’m pretty sure both of them are way beyond caring. This is, after all, the newspaper that calls H-Mubz the ‘maker of the future’ and declares on its front page (this is probably my favourite Al-Ahram moment) that ‘our hearts flutter with happiness for his [Mubarak’s] recovery’. It’s a small step from rewriting history to Photoshopping it.

It’s a precarious time for the NDP and Hosni Future-Maker Mubarak, and the last thing Al-Ahram want is to remind its readers of the 82-year-old’s decline in youthful vigour (not to mention Egypt’s decline in foreign policy influence and credibility, especially vis-a-vis Israel).  Hopefully we can look forward to some more Photoshop adventures – Mubarak playing basketball? arm-wrestling Netanyahu? or, Putin-style, shooting a bear whilst horseriding shirtless (my eyes, my eyes!…)


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2 responses to “Al-Ahram hearts Hosni 4EVA

  1. Sad but true, I have tried to recreate this in lego.

  2. ecarruthers

    Successfully, might I say…it made me laugh! Nice website.

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