Monday links

Hizbullah’s growing pains

Excellent summary of Hizbullah’s place in Lebanon

Egyptian succession: possible outcomes

POMED notes on a GWU panel on Egypt’s future

How to rebuild Pakistan

Pakistan needs aid, but the right kind of aid

The Haystack scandal and the internet freedom fraud

How a software company fooled the world and endangered Iranian activists

Lebanon should be wary of its economy

Never mind everything else…

‘The U.S. and EU states should put aside simplistic clichés about Turkey “turning East”, “joining an Islamist bloc” or “turning its back on the West”.’


Goldberg out of touch with mainstream opinion

Adam Shatz on why the man is wrong

Just when you thought the NDP couldn’t get any worse…

Egyptian curriculum edited to reflect its ‘pseudo achievements’

Nasser’s legacy: ‘the power and the pain’

He wasn’t as great as this makes out, but still interesting

US policy on Sudan is offering Bashir one last chance

FP article argues West is prioritising the referendum at the expense of Darfur

Ahmedinejad and Persian nationalism

Is the Iranian president changing tack?



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