Monday links

Back in Cambridge after a busy week packing, chasing up articles for TCS and generally diddling around in London town.

‘We were looking for a nice, peaceful place near Jerusalem…’

Rachel Shabi explores the West Bank settlement property market for The Guardian.

Ya Libnan, ya Libnan…

The Hariri case and the next civil war? AlJazeera summary of the current miasma.

Iran, Bushehr, and cyber sabotage

Sophisticated computer worm attacks Iranian nuclear plants.

When Arabs tweet

Great piece by Rami Khouri on social media, political activism, and Western doublethink.

Iran, India, and a strategic paradox

India opposes Iranian nuclear ambitions, but also opposes sanctions.

Afghanistan’s Warlord TV networks

Archival footage of hunting the Taliban on horseback, anyone?

Charles Melville on the Shahnameh

The crystal lynx (and my director of studies…) all up on the Economist talking about Persian art

‘The young Hariri will have little choice but to resign…’

Qifa Nabki on the March 8th-March 14th war of words

A new approach to a nuclear Iran

Iran has enriched, get over it, says Alistair Crooke



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