Monday links

Small victory in Egypt?

Supreme court bars police from university campuses

Conflict in Sudan is more than just North-South

Trouble is brewing within the South as well.

Netanyahu’s cute little handwritten list of donors

An estimated 98% of money came from abroad.

US buying security for the Saudis

$60bn for border patrols and rollin deep in the Rub Khalil

The shaming of America

Robert Fisk writes a searing dispatch. Gird your loins.

For those following the Ibrahim Eissa case…

Egyptian Chronicles covers his speech at the Journalism Syndicate.

The 99 Islamic superheroes.

Including Noora the Light, Batina the Hidden, and Jabbar the Powerful…

Karzai gets ‘bags of money’ from Iran.

Governmental transparency in Afghanistan, yo.

In defense of Wikileaks.

Skypechat quote from the other day: ‘what is the world coming to when people are regarding Assange as the man to get us info?’ ‘yeah, it’s like the douche leading the blind.’

Don’t write off the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptian regime has created its only true opponent.

Bravo to the Egyptian Minister of Information!


Ali Hassan Kuban videos.

From the excellent mepop blog.

And finally, the excellent Omar Souleyman…



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