AQAP talking about itself

Analysis of statements posted to jihadi forums by AQAP, including one in which they deny responsibility for a bomb in Aden on October 11, and why that one is particular is interesting:

‘Statement 27: Above I mentioned that I found statement 27 the most interesting and most important of the three posted today and here is why. This is AQAP speaking directly to its target audience. It isn’t speaking to the US or Saudi governments as in Statement 29 and while statement 28 does speak to people AQAP believes to be its constituents it is mostly an accounting of what happened, how many soldiers AQAP killed, how much equipment it destroyed and some jabs at the Yemeni government.

Statement 27 is different. It is a list of six reasons for why AQAP couldn’t have been behind the two bombs in Aden. None of these are reasons like: we weren’t in Aden at the time, but rather explanations for why the bombing in Aden was outside the realm of what AQAP does.

This is important. I can’t stress this enough. This is AQAP talking about itself and what it believes about itself and what it wants Muslims in Yemen to believe about it.’


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