Jordanian election posters

The excellent new Jadaliyya blog presents a montage of Jordanian election posters in order to shed some light on the issues at stake:

‘The goal of this posting is not so much an in-depth analysis of the elections but rather a montage of election slogans and posters within the context outlined above. Any engagement with the issue of elections would benefit from contextualizing it within the context of an authoritarian system of rule and varried programs of economic and political liberalization/deliberalization that have been implemented over the past two decades (for example, see Jadaliyya articles by Bassam Haddad on “The Predicament of Independent Opposition). Ultimately though, elections (regardless of the specificities of laws that govern districting, candidacy, and other issues) are an extremely limited exercise in political rights by virture of the fact that the monarch has the power to suspend, disolve, shorten, and/or lengthen any parliamentary session. In fact, one has to question the utility and effectiveness of a parliament in whose absense the passage of laws, the running of ministries, and the maintenance of order coninutes unabated as if the “elected” legislature were not summarily dismissed and a parliamentary vaccum left for over a year (this time around).

The below photos are not representative of the diversity of candidates, slogans, and posters decorating the streets of Amman. They do, however, offer a glimps the nature of the discourse within the election realm.’

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