The Platonic ideal of Qatar

I love it when Robert Fisk makes an ass of himself in print. The Wikileaks cables on Qatar have largely been of the ‘uh, yeah’ order, like most of those relating to the Middle East – Qatar is small, rich, and increasingly powerful, Egypt is totally jealous and is putting the Sheikh’s picture in the Burn Book, etc etc – and Fisk does a decent job of writing that up into a ‘don’t mess with Qatar’ piece that made me so ephemerally interested in Qatar that I actually looked it up on Google Maps. (It’s really small!) Then his fascination with the plucky little oil emirate gets a bit too much. He breathlessly enquires: ‘Perhaps Qatar is a state of the imagination…’

Qatar, man. It’s a state of mind. The whole thing is worth reading if you appreciate the man’s style; if not then just look up Qatar on Wikipedia.


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  1. No doubt Fisk still uses a globe. Maybe you should tell people about Bahrain, it’s well small.

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