Egypt internet blackout

From Guebara(flickr)

The Mubarak regime have shut down Egypt’s internet in advance of large planned protests today. The shutdown came a few minutes after AP posted this video of the shooting of a protester in a city outside of Cairo (unclear which – maybe Suez?). This is unprecedented – as a lot of people are pointing out on Twitter, even Iran kept the internet up during the post-election protests of 2009. Shame on Vodafone et al for acquiescing to this (apparently SMS is blocked as well). It’s incredibly difficult to confirm anything coming out of the country but reports are suggesting pre-emptive arrests of Muslim Brothers (surprise surprise) who decided yesterday to support the protests (in an official capacity, not to imply they haven’t been taking part unofficially so far). Protests are planned at around 1pm Cairo time, after Friday prayers.

If you have any spare bandwidth please help the Egyptians out here by creating a Tor bridge. It’s like a horrible cloud has fallen over the country. The best of luck and solidarity from here in C-shire.


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