Sinai Bedouin support #Jan25

From Egyptian Chronicles:

‘For too long the Mubarak regime and its media kept on treating our people in Sinai as traitors who are working against us , for too long the Mubarak media spread lies about their loyalty and but in #Jan25 revolution all Mubarak’s lies were exposed.

You must know that since January 28th more than 10,000 Egyptian from the locals in North Sinai protected our borders standing at the Rafah crossing 24 hours to stop any invasion from any kind when the police escaped and left the crossing without any security. The police left the crossing I repeat again and for 3 days the people of Sinai protected it. The people of Sinai really considered these days as they were from the Haram months and put all their fights and differences aside to protect the country.’

Representatives of the major tribes in the Sinai have issued the following statement in support of the revolution and promising to protect the eastern borders. The Bedouin community also plan to elect a representative to take part in negotiations with the armed forces and whatever new government is formed. Here’s the statement:

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