Torture in Egypt

A great article on why a fresh start isn’t enough for the Egyptian state security service:

‘What was totally missed in this programme is that police officers work in an environment of total impunity. This is on a legislative level and policy level.

Article 126 of the criminal code, which defines torture in Egyptian law isn’t compatible with the international definition of torture and thus leaves many incidents to be considered as misuse of force. Requests to change this article in the parliament was denied more than once…Currently the army and state media are trying to send a message to people to trust the police force again so they can bring some rule of law to the country. But they miss the point, there was no rule of law before 25th of January because it wasn’t applied to the ruling elite and the police.

Therefore, the government should bring every single person responsible for 30 years of injustice and brutality to justice first. Dissolve the state security apparatus, make the files available (this happened with the Stasi in East Germany) for a judicial commission that will ensure a fair trail for people listed there.’


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