Testimony from Cairo

A video testimony (with English translation below) from a protester shot outside the Ministry of Interior in Cairo. Read and watch the full thing here.

‘I had 4 wounds in my head from the beating with the back of the rifle. I was also bleeding profusely from my hip, the blood filled the ground. The policemen told the officer “he’s bleeding boss” he replied “from where? the son of..” he pointed to my leg. The officer kicked me in the place the bullet entered, he kept on kicking a lot till the policemen told him “he is finished boss” the officer left me and another policemen came and I told him I was bleeding. He told me he’ll bring me an ambulance. He lifted me from the top of my trousers and stole everything in my pocket and left. I didn’t know what happened next except that I found more protesters came and attacked the ministry of interior with stones.

People came and carried me. One, thankfully, lifted me on his back and ran. They meanwhile shot us with a type of ammunition that throws lead pellets. Not only I was shot, to the extent that the guy asked me do they want to kill you or what? The filled my back with lead pellets. From my back to my knees all filled with lead pellets. When I was in hospital I was very tired, I couldn’t sleep or rest from the pain.

The youth carried me and ran the entire street. These are the men of Egypt. Cars in the street stopped to anyone injured to transport them to hospital. I was transported in a coupe, we were three in the boot. I later found out that I was take to the Kasr el-Ainy hospital.

There were no beds for me from the number of people injured, I was treated on the floor, they cut the trousers on the floor and examined me on the floor. As soon as the doctor saw my wound he said that I should be operated up on immediately because the bullet I was shot with is internationally banned. He said that after entry in the body part of it explodes, cutting all the arteries and veins in my left hip. I had to be operated on. I stayed in the operating room 8 hours.’


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