Al-Ahram after the revolution

Akiid, how state media changes (or not) has a key role to play in the formation of the new Egypt. Unfortunately, we still have Soraya and Said running the show:

‘It is a source of constant wonder to me that the editor of Al Ahram and its CEO, Osama Saraya and Abdel-Moneim Said, still have their jobs. When I interviewed them a few weeks ago, Saraya wrote that: “We are victims of the system, we worked under its shadow and we aren’t criminals who can be accused of any charges whether it is from our colleagues or from other paper. The responsibility is collective […].”

Said said he wanted to resign but simply couldn’t because no one had been selected to replace him (does this remind anyone else of an argument used by…Hosni Mubarak?). “I don’t know who to give it [Al Ahram] to,” he said. “This job is not the pinnacle of my career,” he also pointed out, adding: “I am a thinker of the ranking of Thomas Friedman and Fareed Zakaria.”‘
Also, what’s up with Ahram’s ‘Shabaab al-Tahrir’ supplement? I had a look through it on an EgyptAir flight the other day and was intrigued. I wonder who’s behind it (and what the exact tone of it is, my Arabic probably wasn’t good enough to get the nuances.)

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