Saudi Arabia on meddling in Bahrain

Via FLC, the top nizaam I’d like to see isqaat pronounces on irresponsible foreign intervention in Bahrain, of course totally different from its own jaunt across the King Fahd Causeway:

‘An official source of the Saudi government said, “It condemned in strong terms the irresponsible statement issued in the name of the Committee for National Security and Foreign Policy of the Council of Iranian Islamic Shoura which described the Saudi policy in the Gulf region as playing with fire and demanded the Kingdom to withdraw its forces from Bahrain, … The statement (of the Iranian committee) ignores the premeditated interference in the internal matters of the countries in the region violating the sovereignty and independence of those countries. It also attempts to stoke sedition and incite trouble with hostile policies contravening international laws and norms and principles of good neighborliness….  Iran has no right to violate the sovereignty of the kingdom of Bahrain or poke its nose into Bahrain’s or any other country’s affairs, or to attempt to deny Bahrain’s legitimate right to seek the help of the forces of the Peninsula Shield Force….’


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