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Palestine is not immune

From The Economist:

‘Since 2007 the Palestinian territories have been divided between Hamas in Gaza and Fatah, the Palestinians’ oldest nationalist movement, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, in the West Bank. Too busy vying with each other to confront Israel, which occupies most of their land, they have sought to consolidate their holds on their respective domains by scrapping parliament and ruling by decree.

Not everyone has taken kindly to this new authoritarian yoke. Inspired by protests against other despots, Palestinians in both territories have been crying for “revolution until we end the division”. In Gaza and the West Bank protesters champ for an interim government of the young, aligned to no party, to be followed by elections in both bits of Palestine.

Under the watchful eye of his Western patrons, Mr Abbas’s security forces have generally stopped beating up protesters and have let them erect tents in the West Bank’s main towns. Hamas has shown less tolerance, fearful lest a turnout of thousands, including many women and a few rappers, posed a secular challenge. “Hamas is worse than Mubarak, because it governs in the name of God, not the people,” says Ayman Shaheen, a professor at Azhar University, Gaza’s last remaining college outside the movement’s control.’


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Bukra il-hureyah

Last exam tomorrow! Links links links:

All eyes are back on Gaza

Roundup of flotilla commentary from the Arabist

Priorities in the wake of flotilla killings: Gaza, then inquiry

Deported flotilla activists tell of Israeli mistreatment

US official: flotilla activists were ‘clearly seeking a confrontation’

The US should step aside for Turkey

Ibn Kafka on the ‘arms’ found aboard the flotilla (in French)

NATO’s growing crisis over flotilla attacks

Video report on (lack of) protest in East Jerusalem

How Israel enables terror

What’s the point of the Gaza blockade?

No-one seems surprised at Obama’s silence

Hamas says the Rafah crossing is open…

…but not much is happening, according to the Guardian

The Egyptian opposition just can’t get along

‘Skirmishes’ did not undermine Shoura elections, says interior ministry

Shoura results to be declared on Thursday

MB to lend support to ElBaradei?

Taliban suicide bombers attack Afghan peace conference

The decline of Israel’s military power

How do you translate insha’allah?

Israel’s war against non-violence

Hamas must take initiative now

ElBaradei speaks on flotilla and Egyptian democracy

New Saudi marriage contracts ask age of bride

Analysis of the recent Algerian cabinet reshuffle

Iranian govt prepares for protests as students demonstrate

How to end the Gaza siege

Coalition negotiation continues in Iraq

Leading AQIM figure surrenders in Algeria

America and Turkey: friends to frenemies

Why the Afghan jirga will fail

Lifting the siege in Gaza and Cairo

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Mesha’al, ElBaradei, and the Bulaq Dokrar Crazies

All my colloquial exams are over and I’m back to studying pure MSA – I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. Last push through until Thursday then insha’allah I’ll be back to posting more expansively…

Mesha’al: ‘The Americans contact us, but are not brave enough to do so openly’

Everyone’s favourite former IAEA chief takes a stroll in Old Cairo…

…delivering verbal smackdowns to nearby journalists…

…but is he losing momentum?

Freedom flotilla en route to Gaza

UK attemps to change universal jurisdiction law that is keeping Israeli politicians away

Infiltration of Iraqi police force leads to fear of US departure

‘The Bomb Iran Crowd’ from the Arabist

From nights at the circus to the Bulaq Dokrar Crazies: the Egyptian gap between rich and poor

The failure of the American liberal arts model in Iraq

Arabic literature: is no translation better than a bad translation?

One of the greatest songs by one of the greatest bands of the 80s. yaa Westerberg, bHibak.

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Assad, Al-Aswany, and Aichaaa…

No luck yet with the Iranians, but the Syrians came through for me. Trusty Syrians.

NPT agreement includes 2012 conference on nuclear-free Middle East

Assad’s interview with Charlie Rose – read read read it’s really interesting

Explosion in smuggling tunnel in Gaza kills six

New chairman of the Wafd party in Egypt

Family of murdered singer drops lawsuit

A tougher America won’t necessarily get results

Unsurprisingly, divisions persist within the American Jewish political community

Israel refuses to take part in nuclear proliferation conference

UAE considers tighter anti-smoking legislation

Gaza gets ready to welcome freedom fleet

Britain’s new, frightening far right

War ‘would grow US economy’, according to one GWB

Pakistan’s culture of conspiracy

Afghanistan’s grassroots movement isn’t so grassroots

Hillary Clinton and Nasrallah in shocking mind meld

Israel: two wins make a loss as Mesha’al concedes, Netanyahu ignores it

Interview with a Palestinian collaborator

Al-Aswany and Asfour in rather polite feud over Yacoubian Building etc.

Iranian opposition and police ready themselves for election anniversary protests

Charges dropped in horrific rape case in UAE

The shadowy world of drone attacks

Turkey is acting in a Middle Eastern ‘leadership vacuum’

Obama’s National Security Strategy a total snoozefest

Iraq is in the middle of a delicate transition

The Grand Mufti, the Holocaust, and Palestine today

Very funny and very cutting review of the racist/sexist/orientalist/anti-feminist turd that is SATC 2. (Just because I can’t possibly see how I will ever be able to link to this again in relation to Middle Eastern news, while you’re on the Stranger you should absolutely check out Dan Savage’s sex blog, I cannot recommend this highly enough.)

HA! ‘Ibn Battuta’ visits his eponymous mall, with amusing results

Aaaaand…the language of the power ballad truly is universal…

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Crackdowns, corruption, and clandestine activity

Yemeni tribesmen blow up pipeline in retaliation for air raid

Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi released on bail

Obama has failed in peace efforts, says Assad

14 people killed in gold robbery in Baghdad

Hizbollah are ‘entrenched’ in Lebanon

Corruption charges against Ehud Olmert

Hamas and Hizbollah – time to engage?

More photos and videos of the Amonsito protests and police reaction

Mitchell plans to set peace deadline, Good Friday Agreement-style

Translation of Assad interview with La Repubblica

Australia expels Mossad chief over forged passports used in Dubai assassination

Baghdad mosque introduces religious paintings in break with tradition

Jean Genet’s experience of Shatila

How the endgame in Afghanistan might play

US to expand clandestine activity in the Middle East

Palestinians at work in Jewish settlements despite PA government ban

5 Egyptian activists arrested in Alex (in Arabic)

This made me chuckle

And finally…


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Netanyahu, Nubariya, and the murky waters of the Nile

Anyone know anyone who could get me a Turkmenistan visa? It’s proving somewhat difficult. Here are your regularly scheduled links:

What the Gulf’s fear of Iran tells us about the Gulf

Shimon Peres denies South Africa nuclear claims…

…and their effect at the UN non-proliferation conference

Iraqiya Party MP shot and killed in Mosul

The Nile plot thickens: Egypt hands over the issue to intelligence services (i.e. away from foreign affairs)

Jordan’s new electoral reforms are ‘disappointing…a disaster’

A letter to the West from inside Iran

ElBaradei’s prolonged absences from Egypt are making people jumpy

The dilemma of Salam Fayyad

Human Rights Watch condemns activist and blogger trials in Egypt

Netanyahu’s damage to the Jewish diaspora is ‘worse than the threat of a nuclear Iran’

Nubariya workers in Egypt threaten to cut off the Alex desert road (in Arabic)

Amonsito workers arrested yesterday released from prison (in Arabic)

Video of the Amonsito protest in Cairo

Ahmadinejad heckled in south-west Iran

Interview with Jalal Talibani in al-Hayat on Iranian and other interference in Iraq

Hamas to boycott West Bank local elections in July

Egyptian official arrested in Gaza for gathering intelligence

Video bonus from De La Soul:

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Cairo, Kurdistan, and Ketermaya

Links, yo:

Iranian hostage mothers visit Iran, urge government to free them

Pictures of bullets and tear gas used against Egyptian protesters

Who will next rule Egypt? ‘God only knows’…

Despite election excitement, Iraqi politics remain basically the same

Agricultural workers protest outside People’s Assembly in Cairo (in Arabic)

Saudi woman shoots religious police officers

Israel to release Hamas leader (in Arabic)

Ethiopian prime minister Zenawi criticises Egyptian government over Nile plans

Protests erupt over Facebook ‘draw Muhammad’ group

Turkey bombs Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq

Twelve charged in Ketermaya lynching case

‘The West cannot afford democracy in the Arab world’…

Reality check from Russia

More on the Tolerance Museum and the uprooted medieval Muslim skeletons…

Amonsito protesters in Cairo strip off and wear sackcloth to make their point clear… (in Arabic)

…some pictures from 3arabawy…

…and even children get involved

The IDF prepares evacuation plans for a Hizbollah strike

The US has ‘unilaterally changed the game’ on Iran

The tricky case of Karzai’s half-brother

Wa akhiiran…Cheb Mami’s dad-dancing is truly something to behold:

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